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Deposit Return Scheme

Countries have started to implement the deposit return scheme. The rate of transition to the deposit return scheme has increased in recent years. Beginning in early 2021, many new countries will begin implementing the deposit return scheme. Deposit Return Scheme Scotland, Deposit Return Scheme Turkey, Deposit Return Scheme UK, Deposit Return Scheme Spain, Deposit Return […]

E-Waste Handling – How to Handle e-Waste?

Introduction The rapid technological advancements are primarily driven by revolutionary innovations in electronics.  Not only the electronic devices have become smart, but the reduced prices have also led to their proliferation across all strata of society. As the penetration of electronic devices, especially mobile phones, laptops, display devices, etc. increase globally, more and more e-Waste […]

Cans & Plastic Bottles Required to Make $1000

Introduction Historically, economic or monetary incentives have been very effective in persuading the general masses towards a desired course of action. The same is the case with Deposit Return Schemes (DRS); laying the foundations on reverse vending machines, DRS can be implemented to increase the recycling rates so as to move towards achieving the ultimate […]

AI Technology for Waste Management

Introduction The notion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming mainstream with reference to modern innovations. The internet of things (IoT) platforms coupled with AI has reshaped every aspect of human life on the individual as well as collective levels. Since the global waste generation, according to World Bank, could reach to a whopping 3.4 billion […]

Depozito İade Makineleri Nedir ve Nasıl Çalışır?

Depozito İade Makinesi (RVM) nedir? Depozito İade Makinesi, insanların şişe ve teneke gibi boş içecek kaplarını geri dönüşüm için iade edebilecekleri bir makinedir.  Bu makineler genellikle son kullanıcıya bir depozito veya geri ödeme verir. Onu Depozito İade Makinesi yapan, kullanıcının para koyup bir ürün çıkarmak yerine (bir içecek/yiyecek otomat makinesinde olduğu gibi), bir ürünü koyması […]

How to Make Money from Reverse Vending Machines?

Introduction With the exponential increase in the global population over the last few decades, sustainable consumption has taken the center stage for the survival of the human race. The objective of having minimal impact on the earth’s ecosystem can be achieved via the 3R framework i.e., reduce, reuse and recycle. While mass-awareness needs to be […]

Environmental Projects

Introduction As the global temperatures rise, awareness amongst the masses is also increasing to cater to and curb climate change and global warming. In order to restore the atmosphere and reverse the negative impacts of climate change, a host of environmental projects are being undertaken on a local and global scale which are certainly creating […]

Reduce Plastic Waste

Introduction In the hindsight, humanity got all the wishes granted when the process of transforming brown putrid slime into revolution i.e., plastic was discovered. Being inexpensive, germ-free, and expedient, plastic changed lives. But this sensation of chemistry got a little out of control as it has drenched the environment; it has penetrated the animals’ on […]

Recycling Profits

Introduction Recycling is generally considered to be an abstract noun, to which masses are deeply connected with or morally invested in. In reality, recycling is a concrete noun i.e., a complete universe of physical products having complex economics of its own. The market is generally guided by the number of buyers and suppliers, coupled with […]

Climate Change

Introduction With reference to the growing echelons of global warming and catastrophic natural events in the realm of climate change, the future of mankind depends upon the associated choices we make on an individual and collective level. The Maldives, Miami (USA), and Osaka (Japan) can disappear from the map of the earth, owing to the […]