Review Aco Recycling B-1 Smart Reverse Vending Machine. What is it? How it works?Where can be applied?


It's an innovative solution for collecting empty beverage containers at the source and increasing the recycling rates with a reward system. It becomes possible for users to preserve and to collect the waste separately and cleanly at the point that the waste occurs by throwing the recyclable material like plastic , glass bottles or aluminum beverage cans into the smart machine. Users can receive payments choosing on the pre-established awarding methods.

How it works?

Within Our Smart Reverse Vending Machines, we use a smart camera and CCD censors an equipment which measure weight and recognize material. When an object is out in the receiver unit of the machine, electronic recognition system evaluates the object and compares it with models in the system database if it's classified as recyclable the machine accepts the objects and stores it separately depending on material. By compressing plastic and aluminum waste, the machine provides more space for the waste material.


Within Our Smart Reverse Vending Machines, we can provide barcode reader equipment which scans and reads barcode over the material to recognize.Barcode reader can be implemented for deposit systems as well as for brands that would like to collect any spesific materials. When an object is out in the receiver unit of the machine, barcode recognition system evaluates the object and compares it with codes in the barcode database if it's classified as recyclable the machine accepts the objects and stores it separately depending on material. By compressing plastic and aluminum waste, the machine provides more space for the waste material.

Which materials are accepted?


 Plastic water bottles can take between 400 and 1,000 years to decompose


Recycled glass can be substituted for up to 95% of raw materials.


It takes about 400 years for aluminum to break down naturally. That Coke can you just drank from will probably still look about the same in another century or two.

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Where B-1 can be applied?


Keeping the center of a big city clean is always an important and difficult task. Our systems allow to achieve the desired results without much effort and also make a positive effect not only on the overall look of the center, but also on the public image of municipal administration


Public transport stops receive enormous numbers of people and are good spots for collecting garbage. The ideal solution in this case is to implement special programs, which provide the citizens with bonuses to their transportation cards and tickets for bringing the recyclable garbage to the machines


Implementing ecological garbage disposal programs in educational institutes is an important part of teaching social responsibility to young people. The implemented systems can include various types of rewards for the students who choose to contribute to the cleanness of their educational facilities.


Parks are places of massive gathering of people and traditionally are very important for the overall image of the city. The implementation of ecological programs aimed at cleaning the parks from garbage can be a popular and much needed solution. In Istanbul AcoRecycling provides this type of programs, which successfully function there for quite some time already


Similar to the public transportation stops, airports and stations have large flows of people, who potentially can become users of AcoRecycling machines. It is possible to develop special bonus programs for purchasing goods and services at the airports and railway stations, as well as other business models.


Big stores are perfect places to install our machines. One of the established methods of work is the following: the machines are placed at the entrance to the stores and the users receive discounts, e.g. for bread. In the buying process, the users usually purchase other products too, thus increasing the overall profits of the store.

Reward Models.


Using of magnetic cards is a perfect solution for schools and universities, where students often use such cards for their different needs. Another good sphere - transportation cards, to which money can be transferred for further using as payment for public transportation services. All our machines can be easily equipped with special openings for plastic cards and can be programmed upon the requirements set by the client. If the organization is using any loyal card system we would be able to integrate to our system as well.


Our systems can be programmed to print special paper tickets with bar-codes, gift cards and other types of bonuses. This is a perfect solution for discount programs in stores/cafés. This can be achieved by integrating a thermal printer to the machines.


End Users can easily scan QR Code by their smart devices to claim their points or rewards directly to their account. Upon user's request

the app can be integrated to devices.


Upon user’s instruction the reward for collected garbage can be donated to a foundation or charity organization. It is possible to program different variants of destinations for the money to choose from. This is a perfect opportunity to combine ecological programs with charity campaigns.


Interested in giving away promotional products?Then dispenser system would be a perfect solution for the case. Any type of promotional material can be given as reward to end users.

Return of Invesment.


Usage of AcoRecycling B-1 Smart Reverse Vending Machines in cities is a perfect way to solve various problems and gain substantial benefits. The common point is that improving the ecology is a primary goal for the society today. The recycling of waste contributes greatly to the cause, and, therefore, implementing effective garbage collection systems can make an important positive impact on the ecological situation in the cities. Apart from the overall cleanness of the city, it is also important to point out the reward-based system for the citizens and the public image benefits from implementing the systems. Last, but not least, the economical viability of these activities. The income created by selling the collected empty beverage containers for further recycling is capable of covering all the costs of implementation and creating of a sustainable profit flow. For different scenarios B-1 Business Models can give a way out to establish a suitable management model. We do offer consultation for establishing a model for clients as well.

Yes we also contribute to Nature. For each B-1 that is sold we make donation for tree plantations. 


Let's build your B-1.

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