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About Aco Recycling

Aco Recycling was established in 2016, in order to develop innovative solutions for Smart Waste Management & Environment. Aco Recycling started it’s journey by couple different product lines within Smart Waste Management industry including; Smart Reverse Vending Machines, Smart Waste Management Solutions, Underground Waste Containers & Environmental Gadgets.

By 2020 operational focus has moved towards to become a complete manufacturer & specialist on Smart Reverse Vending Machines & Advance Waste Monitoring Systems. All provided solutions are being built in house to provide high quality product & service experience to it’s partners & clients.

Deposit or Non Deposit Law country, Aco Recycling aims to bring the habit of using Smart Reverse Vending Machines globally by providing tailor made solutions for it’s partners & clients.

Our motta;


clearly states our mission and vision;well developed solutions comes with harmony of innovaton & applicablity. Game-changer products describes our way of approach to the industry.

Global Service is a method that Aco Recycling believes the way to combine tech and traditional service culture & considers it as one of the fundamental element of it’s core business mindset.

Growth is success sustainabililty is a long term process, we would love to keep growing to develop high tech solutions & offering high end standard service

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