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What’s the Most Expensive Recyclable Product?


Aluminium  is one of the most recyclable product available in the market today. Approximately 80 per cent of all Aluminium  produced in the United States is still being utilised in different ways today. Aluminium manufacturers and recyclers within the Aluminium  industry work with people, communities and organisations to empower both, curbside and industrial recycling programs. UBC (Used Beverage Container) recycling is one of the most recognised recycling programs. Aluminium  is also recycled toward the end of like from items, for example, vehicles, electronics, cables, window frames, etc. Aluminium could be recycled back into itself again and again in a closed-loop. The Aluminium industry effectively supports the Recycling Partnership, which is a program that is focused on increasing the number of individuals participating in the curbside recycling program and measuring the growth by utilising solid information.

How Aluminium cans are recycled?

Aluminium cans are firstly shredded into small pieces and any coloured coating on the can is removed. The shredded pieces are then melted in a large furnace. The molten metal is then poured into an ingot cast to set. Every ingot could be made into roughly 1.7 million cans or tins.

Why Aluminium is considered the most valuable recyclable products ?

Aluminium is considered one of the most valuable recyclable products since it can be recycled back into itself over and over again in a closed-loop. Recycling one can that is made up of Aluminium can save sufficient energy to listen to a complete album on Apple iPod. Recycling Aluminium utilises 95 per cent less energy compared to producing Aluminium from raw materials. It also reduces the number of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere during the production stage by approximately 97 per cent. Recycling 1 ton of Aluminium helps to save 9 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and 4 toms of Bauxite, a material that is used to produce Aluminium. 1 ton of carbon dioxide is equal to driving a car more than 3,500 miles. The metal is 100% recyclable so carbon savings increase each time it goes through the recycling loop. An empty beverage can would you be able to reuse could go through the recycling procedure and be back in the market without losing its value in only 60 days. Recyclable Aluminium can become perhaps the hardest metal on the planet. Alloys made up of renewable Aluminium can be utilised in numerous applications, where strengths and stability are required.

Recyclable Aluminium nowadays is being used to produce an aeroplane and car prototype and surprisingly is being used to construct the world’s tallest skyscraper. Aluminium is also considered one of the most sustainable building materials on the planet and it is highly recyclable. After the old Webley Stadium was demolished, 90 to 95 per cent of the Aluminium was recycled. The recycling process helps to create high-quality Aluminium without losing none of its physical properties and also utilised only 5 per cent of the energy it takes to create Aluminium from scratch (from raw materials, such as Bauxite). This is the main reason why Aluminium is considered the most sustainable building material.

Why some companies do not prefer to recycle Aluminium?

Even though Aluminium is considered to be one of the most valuable recyclable materials, some companies still do not prefer to recycle Aluminium due to its value. The price of recycled Aluminium varies with fluctuations in demand and supply. This implies that recycling plants and salvage vendors who rely on the net revenues generated by selling scrap Aluminium could face a financial crisis if the price of Aluminium unexpectedly drops.

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