Aco Recycling?Who are they?What services & products are being offered?Any info?


All of our products are made in TURKEY.


Aco Recycling was established in 2016, in order to develop innovative solutions for Smart Cities & 
Environment. We co-operate with leading manufacturers in Turkey to provide latest & greatest 
products for market.


We aim to develop new solutions that can be game changer for the waste management industry.


We are providing different range of solutions including;-Smart Reverse Vending Machines-Smart Waste Management/IoT-Underground Semi Underground Bins-Environmental Gadgets

As we all know more than 70% of goods are not getting recycled , to decrease that ratio we are focused to
set up our smart reverse vending machines where there is high people circulation. We believe with reward 
system recycling is able to gain a new perspective & increase positive contribution to environment. 
Depending on reward model recycling can turn into an attractive habit which is our main goal that we
would like to achieve.


Day by day we are moving forward to reach our goal ;to be one of the globally well known smart solutions provider for the waste management industry.

Aco Recycling ,High-Tech Solutions for Environment!

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